Mac 9 Library

Library Hours:

Before School- 6:50am
After School- until 3:00pm

Librarian:  Mrs. Allen
Librarian Assistant:  Mrs. Ruiz

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MacArthur On-line Library Catalog lib

Comprehensive,cuabcrrent, authoritative, accessible, and aligned, this masterfulcollection of social studies resources develops students' historicalunderstanding, information literacy, and critical thinking skills.

apbased electronic library containing the AP's currentphotos and a selection of pictures from their 50 million image print andnegative library.

catalistCatalistDigital gives you access to your district's digital audiobook libraryfrom a computer or mobile device, so you can listen anytime, anywhere. 

culture grams
Accessinformation on countries and states that
go beyond mere facts andfigures and deliver a one-of-a-kind perspective on daily life andculture.

Thissite offers resources in Spanish for all ages in two unique interfaces,each with its own comprehensive encyclopedia: Planeta Saber for highschool ages and up and Enciclopedia Juvenil for ages 6-12. 

DiscoveryEducation Streaming is a digital video-on-demand service brought to youby Discovery Education. It is the largest and most current K-12standards-based digital video/video clip library available today.

horizon Fictionand nonfiction ebooks are available for
student use. Click on the linkto search, click on the ebook title in the results list, and then clickon the URL to access the book.

Electronicallyresearch any topic with magazines, new
spapers, reference books, mediatranscripts and more. Elementary students, select Kids Search. Highschool students should click on Student Research Center. Full textarticles can be printed or emailed.

FolletShelfis a virtual
folletbookshelf that provides 24/7 access to ebooks andaudiobooks. Search by author, subject, genre, reading program, interestand reading levels, series name, or language.

galeDesignedfor secondary students, the Gale Virtual Reference Library is amultidisciplinary collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries, and otherspecialized reference sources accessible from school or home. 

 chron,the website of the Houston Chronicle, offers up-to-the-minute breakingnews and exclusive online content, including coverage in Spanish.

map 101Maps101provides users with a collection of over 4,000 online resources andmaps, which are optimized for printing and immediate classroom use.

 NBCNews offer
nbcs unique collections of video resources, primary sources,historic footage, images, mini-documentaries and text resources designedfor use in the K-12 classroom.

net trekkernetTrekkerenhances teaching and learning by providing fast and easy access tomore than 180,000 high quality, pre-screened, and educationally relevantK-12 online resources.

social studies

Agreat resource for social studies, Scott Foresman Social Studiesprovides access to wonderful activities that include a Social StudiesLibrary, Current Events, Atlas, This Day in History, Meet the People,and many activities.

teaching booksAtime-saving portal to thousands of online resources you can use toexplore children's and young adult books and their authors. Get searchresults filled with online teaching / learning resources about an authoror specific book.

tumble books
TheTumbleBookLibrary is a collection of TumbleBooks (animated, talkingpicture books) TumblePuzzles, and TumbleQuizzes, as well asTumbleResources for teachers. TumbleBooks are created from existingpicture books which we have licensed from children's book publishers andconverted to the TumbleBook format